Hi there,
Perfugas is a 2 day raiding guild on silvermoon that has reformed from our previous guild, The Lore. We still retain many of our members from the previous guild, but in a more condensed, focused way. This means we can welcome new members while also retaining our core older members, some who have vanilla experience. 

Currently we are recruiting people to push Mythic progression within Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus. There, we will try to push as high as we can for a two days a week raiding guild. Mainly for Achievements, and personal goals.

Raiding times
We raid on wednesdays and mondays from 19.45 to 23.00.
Optional hc clear on thursday starting at 19.45.

What we want from raiders.
  • We expect a regular attendance to raids (we understand real life can and should take priority, but try your best, and plan ahead).
  • Research/simming of your class to optimise your stats/talents.
  • Aquire knowledge/tactics for bosses PRIOR to raid times.
  • and ofcourse to have fun!

What you can expect from us.
  • Professionality in raids and on what we do.
  • A fair loot distribution (RCLootCouncil).
  • A fairly decent progression within current and upcomming raids.
  • To administer certain events to help out in gearing alts or doing high end mythic+.

If you agree to all of this feel free to apply and we'll take a look at your application. For any more information, you can contact one of our officers below.

Drexigar/Omundi in-game or Bnet Elpierro#2379.

Gründiir/Rickashae in-game or Bnet Bongoloid#2205.

Thanks for taking time to consider us!
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em